Saturday 29 May 2021

Dogs of war

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Some mercenarties for our Mordheim warbands. The miniatures were lent again by Albert, but unforrtunately he had primed these metal minis white, so the paint tends to flake and show the undercoat beneath. The cocky swashbuckler is an old imperial noble mini whie the two crossbowmen come from Gamezone miniatures.
Helmut Wimpfen was once a member of the famed altdorfer freiwilligenjägers. Hower after one couple fight too many that may have ended or not with the death of his wife, he had to run away from her vengeful brothers. Ultimately his escape has finally led him to the remote shores of Lustria, where he works as sharpshooter for hire for any band that can meet his price.

Guiglielmo Trello is one of the memebrs of the infamous Monterigioni Company, a mercenary band that hires their services to anyone without asking any questions whatsoever. The prospreous expeditions to the New World have caught the eye of the Company, that has sent its operatives to expand its mercenary market abroad.

The las of the lot is Diego il Fighetto, a sword for hire that once entered the jungle with a tilean expedition only to return months later with a bag full of treasures, swearing that lizardmen had slaughtered the rest of his team. Needless to say no one inquired about the fact that he alone had survived, and those too curious meet a sudden end at the hands of this explorer turned bounty hunter for hire, and their bodies are found adrift in the bay come morning.


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