Sunday 24 September 2017

Feel the fury of the Redemption!

 The Cult of the Red Redemption battles fanatically in the underhive  of Necromunda on a seemingly endless crusade to rid the hive city from mutants, witches and heretics. Although their enemies may be many, the faithful never lose heart, for it means that there are more sinners in need of purging!
 These are chaos cultists sligtly imperialized. After filing out all the chaos detail I added some iconic elements such as masks, eviscerators and hoods to make them fit the theme. All the chaos pendants have been modelled into haloes like the ones Guilliman or Celestine wear. For the paintjob, red was a must, with green/blue added in for contrast, purple was used to complement the reds.

They will be played as conscripts in 40k and as a redemptionist gang if I can get either my father or Oriol into a game of necro/inquisimunda.
 The "usual suspects" shots: 
-Say ma'am do you recognize anyone from the gang that burned your settlement to the ground?
-I don't know officer, with those masks on they all look the same to me!

 Get the heretics!


  1. Fantastic work, man! Those turned out looking awesome!

  2. Très belles figurines, et très beau travail!

  3. Thanks both, now I'm taking my time when painting, putting all the highlights