Thursday 28 September 2017

A knife in the dark

 Time for some Middle earth action!
This week's game was the fight in Amon Sûl, the ringwraiths have to kill Frodo while the good guys must banish their assailants. The hobbits have firebrands, which allow them to push back the enemy 2D6, while the nazgûl are far from the power of their master and have half Will and no might or fate.
The hobbits begin deployed inside the ruins, with the nazgûl around, Aragorn may come into play if a 4+ is rolled by the good side at the end of the movement phase.
 Frodo's friends protected him with their bodies between two columns
 While malevolent shadows started to creep into the watchtower

 After a barrage of black darts Merry was killed, and Sam spent all his fate and will
 Seeing that they couldn't do anything at range the valiant hobbits charged in, while Aragorn came to the rescue, no doubt warned by the halfling's death scream...
 Sam pushed back two wraiths with his handy frying pan
 Killing even one of the lot!
 Frodo won his combat, while Pippin retreated
 A quick stab and a ringwraith was killed
 Next turn the good seized the initiative and charged against the remaining wraiths, pushing them out of the circle and saving the day!

 The group can continue their trip towards Rivendell, altough Merry is in dire need of elfic medicine!
Sculpted four nazgûl with putty for the scenario (left and right of the Witch King)

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