Wednesday 28 October 2020

The battle of Ghetsemane


The Imperial navy brings battle to the foe in the Ghetsemane system, a combined fleet of several battlegroups clashes with a major chaos incursion force
The Hammer of Justice (red) blasts away with accurate shots of her nova cannon, to starboard the big Bloodhawk and smaller Solar Macharius also open fire on the foe
A wing of bombers is repused by turret fire
The imperials have cut through the renegade fleet, isolating a strike cruiser
Another bullseye of the Hammer causes some damage on the Malevolent
The gothic cruiser Drachenfels cripples the strike cruiser with her lances
Bloodhawk and Macharius launch a torpedo salvo into the Blasphemer
Despite bracing for impact, the chaos vessel is ultimately destroyed by a massive bombing run

One last volley from Drachenfels gives the goodnight kiss to the traitor strike cruiser

Both fleets pass by each other
The numerous turrets of the Malevolent scatter the attacking bombers
As both fleets sail away the chaos admiral orders the retreat, only to fall prey to the eldar allies of the Battlefleet Gothic!

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