Thursday 16 October 2014

Third war for Armageddon 6: the gauntlet

The gauntlet, in this specific scenario of the Armageddon war, the orks must sneak at least three captured imperial transports through the imperial wolf packs in order to bring their reinforcements to the planet and achieve victory.

The original scenario had the papers reversed, but since I had no ork escorts for the attackers, that paper was assumed by the imperials, wich is more fluffwise, since Helbrecht and Parol blockaded the planet during the entire war and not the orks.
The orks deploy 45cmt far from a short edge, while the imperials deploy in any point of the long edges, Armageddon is on the opposite short edge.
The imperials have also the first turn, and one of their frigates destroys an ork transport despite bracing!
Their comrades open up on one rok, causing also some damage
The orks retaliate, a torpedo salvo is launched...
... and destroys one frigate
The transports race ahead of the slow roks with all ahead full
who fire upon the imperials with lock on  orders...
...destroying another escort

The orks are close to their objective now, Armageddon looms on the distance, but first they must cross a dangerous area of gas clouds and asteroid fields!
Amongst which a second transport is destroyed: one frigate burns its shields while the other blows it up with lock on
The two first ork transports cross the board edge, reaching Armageddon
While a rok fires desperately at close range upon one frigate, destroying it. Now only one transport remains upon the table, its fate will dictate the outcome of the battle
The last frigate closes upon it, but not even with a lock on is able to finish it
Thus giving victory to the orks!
Wich is added to the campaign map

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