Sunday 29 October 2023

The thing in the woods


While the undead threat has been defeated in Reikland, peace is still hard to find. Our brave band of witchers is now targeted by the local witch hunters, envious of their success in destroying the Undying and incensed for their use of magic, a practice forbidden by the church of Sigmar
Unknown by both sides however, a pack of feral creatures have been shadowing their movements, and just when both warbands meet in the forest a terrifying howl pierces the air: the werewolves have come
The witchers promptly get first turn and charge the savage abomination close to their deployment zone
While on the other side of the battlefield a second beast smashes into some demented flagellants
Undaunted by such monster, Yennefer takes the fight to the foe scaring away one of their hounds
With T and S 5 the wolves are more than a match for the crazies, dispatching the flagellants with ease
Having tasted blood, the savage monster closes on Yen, but as ever Geralt is there to save her
Meanwhile Ciri and her crossbowmen have been blasting away at the witch hunters, killing a score and bringing them below their morale threshold
Too late alas for poor Geralt, who is wounded by a werewolf
Yen and some random zealot trade blows
But the cowardly witch hunters have no stomach for a fight against the werewolves and they flee back to Altdorf, leaving the monster hunters as sole protectors of the good folk of Reikland

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