Sunday 8 October 2023

Reikland in flames


It is the year 2023 and these are dark times indeed for the Empire. The land is being ravaged by the vampire wars: under the command of the dreaded Vlad von Carstein the armies of the undead are cutting a bloody path through the eastern provinces, and in the west secret vampire covens prey on the citizenry in the dead of night. One of these fiends, The Undying has fled from Altdorf into the Reikland countryside, and now is being hunted by an elite group of beast slayers led by Gerhart of Reikvia.
The Witchers (middenheimer heroes)
Gerhart: captain with crossbow and sword
His daughter Ciri: champion with crossbow and sword
His temporary ally Letho: champion with sword
Sergeants Hans and Franz: inexperienced altdorfer officers with halberd
Yennefer: sorceress (warlock)

The Altdorf Company of Honour (henchmen)
Three marksmen with crossbow
Otto: warrior with halberd
Court of The Undying
The Undying: vampire with halberd
Doctor Faustus: necromancer with sword
The dregs of Altdorf: three thralls with flail
The cannibal pack: four ghouls
Shambling dead: two zombies
Kaiser: dire wolf
Welcome to the first game of these Empire in Flames campaign. This supplement takes us out from the cramped streets of Mordheim and into the fields of the Empire, where our valiant heroes must rescue some kidnapped peasants in a breakthrough scenario 
The undead baddies take cover behind the woods, waiting for the inevitable rain of fire
The witchers keep their distance and only Yennefer closes a bit
To launch one of her spells
The sorceress then flies across the board to join the push into enemy lines
Meanwhile Ciri has dealt with the enemy vampire with her trusty crossbow, rolling three sixes in quick succession
The direwolf tries to stop the humans and charges Yennefer
But the sorceress dodges its rotting jaws and throws the beast down
The poor wolf is then finished off by Lotho
One of the altdorfers has charged a zombie, but he misses with the halberd and is killed
While their comrades have been progressing on the right, Ciri and her escort have engaged the vampire's thralls, in a combat that sees one of the dregs slain for no witcher loss
Gerhart takes the lead finally, protecting his girlfriend from some ghouls
And with the first ghoul slain the undead fail their morale test, abandoning the frightened peasants, who are rescued by our merry band of witchers

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