Thursday 12 October 2023

The heart of darkness


After rescuing the poor peasants held by the repugnant undead our heroes enter the Reikwald in pursuit of the Undying and his gang, catching them in a heavily forested area far away from civilization
Having the edge in ranged combat, the witchers keep back and open up with their crossbows
Downing a poor vampire slave
Yennefer flies forwards to cast her spells
Unfortunately she misses, and is then charged by a rotting wolf
On the other side of the swamp the necromancer hides behind a wall of ghoul flesh
Yen is injuried, but Lotho and the altdorfers come to her aid
Dicing the undead animal
In the back line Gerhart and the crossbows keep firing away, killing a ghoul
A thrall and some zombies skirt the edge of the swamp towards the imperials, but the Company of Honour charges and kills them all
With more than a quarter of the  warband OOA the necromancer flees to his vampiric master

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