Tuesday 3 October 2023

Aifield assault


The final game of this year's Legion season takes us to an urban battlefield, where the rebel Alliance clashes once more against the oppressive Galactic Empire
Today's game will be a struggle for five objectives spread all over the board. Naturally the central one is the most contested, with a squad of stormtroopers making a reckless advance to claim it only to be wiped out by Ahsoka
Luke also joins in the fun, taking cover behind a downed aircraft
Meanwhile all the rebel antitank weapons have been firing repeatedly into the AT-ST, reducing it to half damage and crippling its legs
Father and son clash over the starcraft
Luke however goes for the AT-ST, chopping it up with his lightsaber as Ahsoka comes to the rescue
Things look up for the rebels, with three objectives on their hands

Then Luke uses a command card to attack twice, destroying the walker and slashing into Vader
It is now the 5th and final turn, and another unit of rebels caps the central objective
The mandos meanwhile fire on Palpatine, bringing him to just one wound left
Finally it is the AT-RT pilot who at last kills the emperor with his antitank cannon
With Palpatine dead and most of the imperial army destroyed the day ends with a clear rebel victory 3-1

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