Tuesday 24 October 2023

Ambush on the Reiksumpf


In their crusade against the undead menace our brave witchers have entered the marshes of the river Reik. The hunting party gets lost in the foggy swamp and suddenly the undead attack
Thankfully the humans manage to grab the first turn
And Lotho slams into some poor ghouls
On the other side of the marshes a lone halberdier charges the enemy liche
Lotho doesn't manage to take down his opponent and is soon swamped by carrion feeders, fending off their clumsy attacks with his two swords
No so much the halberdier, taken OOA by a dreg
One of the necrophages is dead, but now some zombies have joined the fight
Meanwhile the company of honour has taken good care of the enemy leader, staking the Undying with their sharp halberds
Ghouls and zombies fall before Lotho, who will get some nice advances in the post battle sequence

And with the total destruction of their vampiric leader the undead menace is vanquished from Reikland!

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