Saturday 7 October 2023

Reiklanders for Mordheim


The witchers are not alone in their fight against the undead menace, and as part of their contract to hunt the vampires infesting Reikland a force of the Altdorf town guard has been dispatched by the burgmeister, to help out and ensure that the job is done instead of doing a runner with the money
These models are excellent 3D prints, whose files can be found in myminifactory 

Since they will square off against the undead in the campaign, I added some gravestones and zombies emerging from the ground, spooky!
For the paintjob I went for a scheme inspired by the Altdorf company of honour, an elite unit identifiable for their yellow plumes. Both red and blue were dryburshed with a lighter tone and then I painted one by one all the slashes in a cream colour, by far the most laborious part of the process
As always the inks were the last part of the painting, with both leathers, wood and slashes receiving an undiluted dose of Vallejo sepia

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