Wednesday 26 February 2020

Inner Palace

 Another heresy game, this time Sanguinius and sons defend the Palace from a deamonic incursion
 Blood Angels
 Daemons emerging from a warp rift
 First turn sees all lesser daemons show up save one unit
 The neverborn lord loses three wounds from perils
 The red tide moves to charge

 Sanguinius and his dawnbreakers charge some bloodletters
 The combats devolve in a slow grind

 The golden warriors destroy the lesser daemons, then the posessed
 The Angel himself takes care of the enemy warlord next turn
 While the dawnbringers charge in the left flank
 More chaos creatures show up
 The dawnbringers strike hard, but not enough and a unit of termis is killed
 And they flee, so much for elite troops
Game comes to an end with the IX legion victorious despite apalling losses, should have stayed in my deployment zone away from the rr invulns of the vortexs

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