Wednesday 4 March 2020

Eternity Gate

 Final heresy game the Custodian Guard defend the Sanctum Imperialis against a daemon horde
 Fire from the sisters of silence and aquilon routs a cultist squad
 The agamatus wipe out the cultist command
 Finally the Telemon destroys the last cultist unit
 In the daemon turn lots of neverborn show up from the vortex
 Charging a sentinel squad over the central objective
 The aquilon come to the rescue, killing some
 The combat goes on with wounds spread al over
 Even more daemons pop up from the warp, charging into the melee

 But the aquilon prove their worth, destroying swathes of neverborn
 The daemon lord is finished off by a biker charge
 The combat grinds on with the first custodes falling
 The battered custodians keep on killing war spawn
 Next turn bikes and dread gang up on the daemons
 The telemon destroys the last remnants of lesser daemons
 Bikes and termis crush the neverborn in a pincer move
 Wiping out the last enemies and winning the game for anihilation

Campaign won, the imperials have stood long enough to force Horus to combat the Emperor in singualr combat, ending thus the heresy

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