Sunday 15 March 2020

Battle of Bennington

 Place is pretty much in lockdown due to Corona so we've taken the chance to play a AWI game, the patriots (left) are attacking a hessian camp full of redoubts
 Stark leds the assault (pity he left his suit at home)
 Hessians in the advanced redoubt
 They deploy in line to fire better
 Early in the battle Breymann comes in with the reinforcements
 The americans move in a double pincer
 Flanking right
 And left
 A lively fire soon erupts in the center
 The militia has reached the british rear, but the reinforcements arrive to plug the gap
 The forward redoubt is evacuated by outflanked mercenaries
 A deadly crossfire batters the militia
 The supplies are in danger so a batallion of hessians wheels about
 The germans charge the milita
 Who surprisingly repels them
 More milita deploy in line to menace the center
 The hessians fall back, but with a crashing volley send the rebels packing
 The  avantgarde deploys into line to counter the attack
Time has run out and the patriots retire form the field, leaving a battered but intact german force that rejoins Burgoyne's army with vital supplies


  1. Go you Hessians! --at least the 'Good guys' won!

  2. Indeed those beastly rebels learned to fear his majesty at last

  3. What a lively game! Stark left his suit at home, very droll!!

  4. Une belle bataille avec de magnifiques figurines...Bravo!