Friday 20 March 2020


Personal report, Proctor Dread
My lord marshal
After cleansing the heretic nest at lungsbane I got intel from a nark that the heretics planned to attack our power tap in reactorville so I gathered what officers where available to blunt their assault
 In the encampent outside the wreck there was a recovered car that the eschers wanted back
 Our sentinels patrolled the outskirts but some perps slipped by
 Until the alarm was sounded by a guildsman
 Who payed with his life
 I launched my ash runner forwards, blowing away the leader of the recidivists

 The creeps where too dumb to go straight for the vehicle and ran over our allies from the guild
 I saw a criminal before me and rammed her withut doubt
 A creep tried to make a run for it but the treads of justice put and end to her criminal endeavours
 The guilder herself took down hive trash
 I came out from the runner blazing away and had to take cover from incoming fire
 Ash 7 rammed and shot the escher car, leaving it badly mauled
 Fire from the other enforcers soon blew up the ash carrier
 The criminal trash where blown off the car and crawled around in flames
 Subjugator Abel, a recent recruit, smashed heads with his power maul
 Creeps soon tailed it
The season of fire is coming in and heretic activity is on the rise, the trash will try to take advantage of the upheaval to overturn the rule of law but we will stand firm against them

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