Saturday 14 March 2020

Lungsbane Rumble

Proctor Dread personal report
13th of Tertius

My Lord Marshal
As instructed I'm reinforcing our positions and assets in Helmwar's Graveyard in face of the oncomning season of fire, deviants and perps have learnt to fear the Law and the most recalcitrant of criminals have been purged by fire and power maul.
In these last days it has coem to my attention the rise of a renegade escher gang, clearly in league with the nefarious powers. Since the seasonal increase in brainleaf zombies will cut off our supply lines soon I have decided to launch a strike against these "aphrodities" in order to secure the fungus farms northeast of the Citadel
Tons of twists were working the fields, but they soon scrambled at the sight of our ash runners
Perps proved impervious the the dictates of justice, but not so much to meltacannon fire
The frakkheads tried to ram us with a junk heap but my officers proved alert and doged their reckless assault
I led the second wave of enforcers to sweep away the creeps left by the runners
Some recidivists tried to make a run for it but we were hot on their heels, with shotgun and meltacannon fire
With a first group of muties surrounded, my men disembarked and began to crack skulls
Ash 7 under Anderson distinguished itself by ravaging their back lines
More and more twists fell to our fire, if they don't come to heel all will be crushed under our guns
I took matters into my own hands, subduing one of the many perps
However Anderson left herself open to attack for a while and was knocked out of her vehicle by a frigging kroot

Then the ceeps took over tye unmanned Ash 7, digging up inside
The escher frakkers then ran over their own workforce, they would rather kill them than have the subs spilling it all out about their shady rackets
Luckily fot us ash 4, under control of guilder Sandra, blasted the heretics away from Anderson
Enforcer Giant put his grenade launcher to good use, blasting numerous recidivists

I couldn't suffer the creep's presence on imperial soil any further and I leapt into their desert crawler, taking down the driver with a solid punch to the face
With their car in our hands things were evened out a bit
And as their losses kept mounting battle swung in our favour
Guilder Sandra proved her worth by taking back control of Ash 7
These creeps have learnt the true reach of the Law, a lesson that I intend to bludgeon into them time and time again until the Graveyard is free of heresy and anarchy

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