Wednesday 25 March 2020

The chaos fane

Proctor Dread, personal report
My lord Marshal
We've moved against the heart of the chaotic corruption in Helwar's Graveyard, a blasphemous temple in a mine near Ashwatch
 We surprised the heretics out of their transports and wasted no time in pouncing on them
 We came out o the horizon guns blazing
 Our melta cannons made short work of the first rank, amongst them a criminal smuggler
 Brainleaf zombies soon rushed to the din of battle, thankfully far from the action
 Regretfully the guild transport lost a wheel and the crew was thrown out, they where shaken but otherwise unhurt
 Anderson smashed her runner into the enemy car but they swerved aside
 More zombies were shuffling in
 Subjugator Abel was first into the enemy conveyor
 Engaging their driver, that let go of the wheel, crashing the vehicle into a pipe
 From my own runner I dispatched the foe with my trusty shotgun
Finally the creeps couldn't stomach it and they tailed
With their base in our hands creeps'll soon scatter to the winds

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