Sunday 2 February 2020

Custodes Terminators

 Christmas custodes done, they are converted to heresy aquilon termis since I didn't like the axe/spear toting of the 40k version, it looked like more of the same and I wanted a different loadout for them. Conversion was pretty straightforward, just replacing the left arm for a fist/claw from the Betrayal at Calth box (with extra aquila) and trimming the right hand to fit a storm bolter.
 Pelagius Donatus is the aquilifer of the squad, he has eagle shoulder pads to reflet his exalted status and a lastrum storm bolter mounted on his solerite talon

 His cloak is detailed with a laurel wreath

 Clive Bonaparte is armed with Lastrum bolter and solerite fist

 Julius Marian also has bolter & fist

 Sam Wood tribute
 Krole & friends

 Hands of the Emperor
 Ares Guard

 Terminator squad aquila

 Foot knigths of Lentum

 Fulman cavalry

 Adrian Smith termis
 Goldenboys, assemble!

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