Friday 31 January 2020

Siege of Terra: Helios Gate

 The traitor legions have made planetfall on the throneworld and attack the Palace, one of the first attempts against the walls take splace in the Helios Gate, with the imperial army holding the line against the World Eaters
 Hordes of infantry supported by tanks and a knight crusader stand defiantly
 The traitors also have some firepower, plus berseker squads in reserve
 Loyalists seize the initiative and wipe out a recon squad
 And an executioner predator
 Next turn some traitors show up
But are wiped out by massed firepower.
The camera ran out of battery right then but to sum up the knight almost died while taking out the baneblade, more traitors showed up killing as tank and then dying and finally the battle ended with the imperials in control of the battlefield
New phase, new map

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