Saturday 25 January 2020

Battle of Luna

 Phalanx guards Terra from the encroaching traitor fleets
 Which approach around Luna
 Traitos have first turn, launching waves of ordnance
 Wich are answered in kind from the Phalanx
 Fire from the golden fortress strips the shields from a battleship
 Who blows away a defence platform in reply
 Imperial fists swarm all over the transport squadron 
Destroying three
 Next turn the Phalanx crushes a frigate squadron
 The strike cruiser following soon after
 The Sons of Horus pour fire into the battle station, crippling a quadrant, but another wave of thunderhawks damages badly the battleship
 Wich is destroyed by artillery fire next turn
 The last two horusian cruisers approach Terra, but too little too late
 Campaign victory
 Holy Terra post Unification Wars