Friday 3 January 2020

Battle of Pluto

 New year, new campaign. Siege of Terra this time with naval and land minicampaigns.
First battle happensa round Pluto, the imperials have blown up its moons to savage the invading fleet and then turn from their false retreat to attack the shocked traitors
 Imperial fists under Sigismund: squadron Borealis, Oath of Stone battlebarge and the three sisters of spite: Lacrymae, Persephone and Ophelia
 Traitors under Aximand in the Throne of the Underworld, strike cruiser Bloodhound and cruisers Death's Child and Cthonian
 Sigismund leds the attack against the Throne of the Underworld cutting through the line and firing both broadsides
Squadron Borealis attacks the Cthonian
 The Oath of Stone gives the killing blow to the traitor flagship
 The Sisters launch their craft against the Death's Child

 Dreadclaws from the Cthonian swamp and kill one frigate
 Lacrymae, Persephone and Ophelia blow away the enemy cruiser

 The remaining traitors disengage into the warp fleeing the loyalist onslaught
The latest BFG goodies, Pluto and rebased & inked transports
 Updated map

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