Thursday 9 January 2020

The Elysian Gate

 Imperial Fists under Halbrecht defend the second sphere of the solar system, guarding the Elysian warp gate next to Uranus
 Out of the warp come the traitors
 Both fleets deploy, with the loyalists attacking the rear of the enemy fleet
 The stately battlebarge Monarch of Fire leds the attack
 Waves of thunderhawks and torpedoes are launched
 Disabling many systems on the Bloodbond
 Massed lances and bombardment cannons finish off the striken cruiser
 Now the fleet turns to punish a dictator class vessel, eventualy destroying it
 The traitor flagship fends off massed thunderhawks with her turrets
But next turn battery fire and more attack runs leave her crippled in the void
The loyalists have successfuly defended the approaches to Terra

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