Monday 17 February 2020

Holy Gals

 Jelena and Nora are the two main enforcers of inquisitor Ruiz, both have been gene-crafted to improve their combat prowess and equipped with ornate gear which echoes both their prefered combat style and the inquisitor's panoply. Blessed by the cardinal astral of the Matho basilica and devoted to a life of piety and purging no heretic is safe from their wrath
 Once a member of the preceptory of the Bloody Rose on Mons Sanctus, sister Nora caught the eye of Ruiz during the Maynard Heresy when she saved the life of the inquisitor. Ascended into the service of the holy ordos she prefers close quarter combat, as befitting her imetuous order, bashing the enemy with a power hammer and covering herself and Jelena behind a towering ceramite shield.

 Jelena was a ganger from Pouia, in the damp darkness of that hiveworld she plied her trade, putting her remarkable marksmanship at the service of the highes bidder. Hired by Ruiz for a local job she saw a chance for a life out of the hive and enlisted in permanent service with the inquisition. Eschewing her ganger trappings for armour and gear more befitting the ostentous performances of her lord she is still a deadly shot with her bolter and can handle herself with the integrated poleaxe.

Ruiz gets all the bit the holy warriors

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