Wednesday 5 February 2020

Eternity Wall spaceport

Heresy bash at the Palace, this time custodes vs world eaters
 The custodes knight wipes out the veterans with the battlecannon
 While the bikes nuke a predator
 Next turn the aquilon kill the other tank
 While sentinels wipe out the remnants of a berseker squad
 Next turn Angron drops from his bruning dreadclaw
 And charges the bikes
 The imperial knight joins the fight, with the primarch tied up in multiple challenges
 One biker is killed but his brothers stand firm
 Yet more bersekers appear, menacing an objective
 The red angel rages his last under a fell blow of the knight
 Who then turns and exterminates the tacticals
 The last traitors are surrounded and brought low by solerite gauntlets
Total wipeout!

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