Sunday 3 February 2019

Watch Capitain Chadius

 Brother Chadius comes from the Void Crusaders chapter. During his first decade of service he rose swiftly through the ranks due to his sheer awesome skills and effortless heroics, instead of garnering him a command, these exploits saw him shelved as a veteran sergeant in one of the devastator units oh the company. When he began to take down tank after tank with lethal accuracy his captain, Virganius, decided that he shouldn't be overshadowed by a mere sergeant and so he filed an offer for his inclusion in the Deathwatch. Things didn't go according to the plan for Virganius, since Chadius not only survied the lethal duty of the chamber militant of the Ordo Xenos, but rose to capitancy of one of its watch companies, taking personal command of the kill teams in any mission.

 Adeptus Astartes markings: veteran honour on right greave, marksman honours in belt and bolter
As a lofty member of the deathwatch he carries an archeotech key of one of the many secret vaults of the Ordo Xenos
 A gaunt, riddled with bullets
 Deathwatch icon
 Void crusaders markings: command variant
 Some poor guardsman that got nommed by the 'nids
Virgintrader vs Chadius

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