Saturday 23 February 2019

Brother Saul

 Saul is the Dark Angels representative in the kill team, his inquisitive nature marked him as a potential liability in his chapter and so he was "volunteered" to serve in the Deathwatch. He is not without merit however, as his swordplay is unmatched in the unit. He has proved his skill in several engagements and honour duels with Ranulfsson, all of which he has won. Such proficenency tends to be his undoing however, as he prefers to engage the enemy in hand to hand, keeping his bolter stashed in the back. He's also an arrogant narcicist that gets into fights with his fellow brothers on a daily basis. However his close combat capabilities tend to balance the long range leanings of his brethen so he's a vital part of the team.

 Kill team Chadius ready to roll. 
They have won 4 games and lost 2 in the local league.

Are you talkin' to me wof?
Yes angLe

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