Sunday 24 February 2019

Lizardmen Battle Standard & skink prest

 I painted these lizardmen for a comission, they are very detailed models but like all metals they are affected by the 2d syndrome, where most of the detail is in two opposing faces. I painted them in classic RGB, the pointy bits are done like obsidian plus some gems and feathers. I wanted to go with a tribal vibe, so lots of leather and no steel. No wonder that everyone is going out to Lustria looking for gold, these models carry a ton of it!
 The banner reminded me of a mayan calendar so I painted it like stone

 Quite happy with the rotten heads

 The skink is done in a lighter red, with a green scaly cloak and some cute frogs and salamanders chilling around, also note that the  staff is topped by a grey seer's skull, cool!

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  1. Wicked ^^ that's a huge Standard eh :) The warmer metal tones go good with that stone grey :)