Friday 15 February 2019

Ragnar Ranulfsson

 Brother Ranulffson is the spesh wofs space wolves addition to the kill team. He was a longfang in the rout and brings much needed heavy firepower to the mission. He's an old cantankerous warrior, who openly mocks the Codex much to Escobar's chagrin. He is often the voice of reason that calms down the more reckless impulses of capitain Chadius.
 The deathwatch have the best toys, in this instance a combi heavy bolter-flamer
 No wolf worth his salt would leave the Aett without an axe to bash heads with and a jug of mead

 Ragnar leaves devastation in his wake

 Wolves love to decorate their gear, storied veteran like Ragnar is bedecked with trophies, gilding and wolf pelts, which signify rof his status amongs his brothers instead of more standarized markings
Ragnar thinks that there is no such thing as too many weapons, so he carries an extra axe in battle and has modified his bolter with a razor sharp bayonet

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