Wednesday 13 February 2019

Helm's Deep

 The Hornburg stands against the hordes of Evil
 Mix of orcs, uruks and dunlendings, with the odd troll thrown in

 Aragorn & friends man the deeping wall
 Theoden leds the defence of the main keep
 "Let them come, this fortress will never fall while the men defend it"
 What's going on Legolas?
 As the battle begins the defenders move away from the bombs
 Creeping menace
 Some defenders make a sortie by the postern
 One even jumps into the valley
 Another group exits to the causeway
Ladders! Ladders! 

 The wall is also invested
 A group climbs the causeway with a bomb
 An uruk fanatic is pushed down, dragging and killing lots of his friends
 The blasting charge is almost there
 But Legolas blows it up with cinematic sniping
 As the hordes of Isengard climb up, the orcs form a firebase
 The blasting charge reappears, but fails to expode
 Legolas dies
The rohan player concedes