Sunday 10 February 2019

Brother Leon

 Leonatos comes from the storied Blood Angels chapter. He was born to a hunter-gatherer family in Baal, his life passed between harvesting expeditions until the day his tribe was attacked by a band of mutant marauders. Young Leon escaped from the ambush, only to find both his parents missing; he then tracked the band to their lair in a subterranean cave and snuck in. Alas, he was too late, and the only remnants of his family were a pile of bones, leftovers of a ritual cannibal feast. Enraged beyond reason, Leon stalked the mutants, ckilling them one by one, and finally bringing down the roof of the cavern with makeshift explosives, killing the last of them. He wandered the rad desert, lost and condemned to die, but an astartes chaplain had witnessed his exploits and induced him into the chapter. There he rose to the command of a tactical squad, but his origins and the blight of the genecurse troubled him and he developed a spiritual and morose demeanour always looking for answers in text and myth. Frustrated with the limited material available to him, he saw service in the Deathwatch as a chance to improve his field of research and find new knowledge that helps him overcome both his genetic curse and fateful past.
 Leon carries along many texts and relics

 As a skilled veteran he wields a massive powersword and a flamer
 His armour is relativelly new, forged in M40

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