Wednesday 27 February 2019

Cold One Riders

 Second part of the comission was a regiment of cavalry, for these I continued the scheme of the hero with blue added for the mounts and shields. I kept green to a minimum since the bases are already full of vegetation. As computer sculpts these have a nice all round 3d  shape but lack the depth of detail of the handmade miniatures. Both designs have their advantages but for the painter plastic is a far better material since it doesn't flak and weights nothing.
And yes the grey areas in the arm joints have been since painted
 These sauruses are so done with skaven shit
 Nice mayan details overall and lots of gold too
 Some cold ones came without the right foot, so I had to Mcgyver up some "ruined pillars" with bits of sprue to give hem more stability
 I like how all the new range keeps a common theme with the same iconography, again that is due to constant recycling and resizing of computer files, but as long as it does the job...
Command group

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