Wednesday 30 January 2019

Last stand at Fangorn

 Time for some LoTR, this game sees the nefarious orc and uruk party which was carrying the hobbits to Isengard ambushed by Eomer and his rohirrim
 Having escaped the claws of the Uruks Merry and Pippin observe the unfolding drama from the edge of the forest
 Grishnak and Ugluk prepare the defence
 Eomer leads the charge
 The uruks divided in two teams
 While their comrades let fly with arrows, the uruks charge in
 The party before Eomer retreated to concentrate on the second group of men
 A uruk crossbowman killed the rohan banner bearer
 Ugluk forms a firebase, using his power points to shot first
 The orcs and uruks rack up some score
 A dismounted rohirrim is charged and chopped down
 The remnants of the second group take cover behind some trees
 However the men of Rohan have passed over their morale threshold and begin to flee
 The surviving men beat the retreat
After witnessing the defeat of the would be ambushers, Merry and Pippin enter the forbiding depths of Fangron forest, to meet a long lost friend and make some new surprising acquaintances

Forgoils 0, Isengard 1