Sunday 20 January 2019

Lord Calvinus

 Inquisitor Calvinus had been a puritan Thorian all his life, but when the Great Rift opened wide in the night sky he realized his fundamental mistake. Before the overwhelming power of the massive warp storm, even the Astronomican was powerless and other, alternative, methods proved their worth in the sudden surge of the Inmaterium's tides. So the inquisitor embraced Xanthism a philosophy that states that chaos in itself isn't a force for bad or good but another weapon in the Imperium's arsenal. Calvinus soon took his first steps down the path of the Radical by summoning daemonhosts to navigate the benighted space beyond the Rift. Recently, his mastery of the forbidden arts has crystalized in the combat daemonhost Lanius and his fearsome daemonic sword which contains the soul of a bloodthirster. After his change of outlook, Calvinus has experienced a renewed wave of successes, including the purge of the Cult of the Bleeding Saint and the blunting of an ork invasion. Such progresses haven't been missed by his colleagues and he's become the target of intransigent puritans like Inquisitors Noigrim and Coteaz.
 Since becoming a radical, Calvinus is never seen outside of his artificier suit of power armour, the rumour among his crew and associates is that he's become more paranoid, but the darker truth is that chaos power is not without price and the inquisitor must spend long gruelling hours with medical servitors to remove the numerous mutations that he develops overtime

 Calvinus is armed with a combi-plasma for ranged combat, he wears Ukuul feathers in honour of his ritual pact with Jor D'Ana
 In order to mitigate somewhat the corrupting effects of the sword, Calvinus has affixed several relic saint bones around his right arm 
 Several daemonic faces leer from the depths of the blade, the souls of all its victims tormented forever by the neverborn imprisioned inside

Calvinus with his right and left hands

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