Tuesday 8 January 2019

Lord Calvinus Acolytes

 Jor D'Ana has been serving inquisitor Calvinus since he defeated her in ritual combat on the feudal planet where she comes from. Having earned her fealty thanks to the advantage of his daemonic sword, the Inquisitor took her in his travels as personal bodyguard and enforcer. She's been improved with time thanks to the addition of numerous bionic implants like fierce augmetic eyes or steel fangs. Albeit equipped with an advanced bolter-glaive, sword and archeotech pistol she still favours some trinkets from her tribal life, like Ukuul feathers, a wolf pelt mantle and a chip of sacred obisidian.

 Interrogator Luther is the newest apprentice to inquisitor Calvinus, his lord's job is a dangerous and risky one so his journeymen tend to have brief lifespans; Luther however has sticked with his master for more than a year, a remarkable feat. He came first to the attention of Calvinus when he was condemned for trafficking with warp artefacts in the hive world of Golvanda, altough most in the Imperium would agree that such crime merits a death sentence (or worse) the inquisitor has a more open mind, so he used his rosette to squirrel Luther away for "punishment".  Despite his youth the interrogator is eager to learn and carries all sorts of esoteric apparel for his lord's use into battle.

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