Monday 17 January 2022

Balian, Emperor's Champion of the Heimdel Crusade


Like most of the spanish wargamers I have got the first imperium fascicle with a bladeguard liutenant and a necron royal guard in it. Thinking of what could I turn him into it hit me how alike he looked to the Emperor's Champion, so after a greenstuff laurel and some conversions champion Balian was born.

The bolt pistol was made by cutting a bolt rifle in pieces
The champion keeps the black sword sheated until he reaches combat, where he strikes left and right with this mighty weapon of the dawn of the Imperium
All my templars have little votive inscriptions on their armour, a nice oldschool touch
I took the chance to give a redemptionist brazier to this ancient Lysander conversion, making him into marshal Gheidon, the leader of the Heimdel crusade

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