Saturday 29 January 2022



To the darkness I bring fire
To the ignorant faith
Those who welcome these gifts may live
But I will visit naught but death 
and eternal damnation on those
who refuse them
-Merek Grimaldus
Naturally the last model of the first templar batch was no other than the big man himself. The awesome chaplain from Helsreach has got an upscaled upgrade with the new codex and now is finally ready to take to the field with his fellow knights of the Emperor.
I wanted something evocative for the base, so I threw in a dead goblin gretchin plus some templar remains as a reference to the terrible losses of the Armageddon crusade, where he lost all the members of his command squad in valiant defence of hive Helsreach. You will see the white shield with red band motive of the crusade repeated in all models of the squad. 
The memento mori motive of the backpack is a reference to the excellent video about the novel 
I decided to go with a black, green and red scheme for Grimaldus and his servitor bros
The chaplain doesn't come alone, but followed by three relics of the temple of the Emperor Ascendant. First there is the Banner of Fallen Crusaders, an ancient standard brought to Armageddon by the first settlers of that ancient world of mankind. I like to think that the skeleton mounted on top is a martyr of the crusade like general Kurov or even some member of his old command squad.

Then we have the last column of the Major Altar, a marble aquila that inspires the bretheren to greater feats of zeal so they ingnore wounds at 6+

The last member of the quarter is the carrier of the blessed water once kept in the Stoup of Elucidation, a most holy relic that buffs the prayers of  Grimaldus to a 2+ pass

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