Friday 7 January 2022

Ambush in the temple of Kara


The ancient pyramid of Kara in Lustria has been defiled by the human invaders. Such a sacrilege must be punished, and both lizardmen and amazons launch an all out attack to recover the priceless artifacts plundered by the fanatical witch hunters
Led by priestess Chel the warrior women of the Amaxon advance stealthily
Yet unseen by the adventurers
Nex to the pyramid the lizardmen have also come for payback
Covered by the stifing heat of the jungle and Chel's magic powers, the amazionans charge into the foe
The jungle takes its first victim when the saurus hero falls into a pit
Led by the frenzied totem warriors, the tatted women cut a bloody path through the witch hunters

Faith in Sigmar is no match for the ancient Slann swords, that bring down foe after foe
The tomb guardians have been keeping back
Allowing the amazons to enter the encampent ad recover most of the artifacts

Even the witch hunter captain is killed by the totem warriors, that charge heedlessly into the fray well ahead of their warband
In a lategame change of tack the lizards finally start to grab treasure counters
But it's a bit too late, and the amazons have recovered most of the artifatcs
Not all goes their way however, and a lashworm springs from a nearby bush and wounds a warrior
Next the sauruses pile in and render her unconscious
Reptiles and handmaidens fight it out amonst the burning tents of the invader camp
One skink runs to the board edge with a treasure
The reptilian mass overwhelms the frail amazons, that gather what treasures they can and run for it
In the end the female team managed to get their hands on three of the five artifacts, earning a well fought victory in their first outing. The campaign phase was even better, showering the amazons in riches and avancements that put them well ahead of the lizardmen; a warband that lost no less than two warriors and only found one useful artifact. In our next game a luckless captive will be scheduled for ritual murder in the misty island of sacrifices!

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