Monday 31 January 2022

Hit and run


The Mordheim campaign ended last saturday with a cinematic game: the witch hunters had just stolen a valuable gold tablet from a temple and had to escape the natives' vengeance
The game began well for the imperials, with a dog taking out my priestess in the first turn
My girls were too hardened to let such an early setback give them pause, and soon a lethal storm of amazonian arrows began to fall on the reckless adventurers
The jungle began to stir, and puffs of hallucinogen spores enveloped some fighters
Taking out one of the warhounds
By now the Lustry Girls had reached combat, and their claws and skills soon began to tell
The witch hunter captain managed to fell one of the natives
But the tide of battle was turning in favour of the daughters of Rigg
I tried to take out a marksman with an adversity, but he just got his boots muddied by a quicksand
Luckily for me, in the next turn he was felled by several arrows
More quicksands kept popping up to no effect
One by one the imperials were hunted down by the natives
As always  Lustria took its own victims: a cloud of spores felled an amazon

While a lethal vine shot from the jungle and enveloped the hunter captain in its lethal embrace

The witch hunters were wiped out soon and at last the amazons recovered the artifact from the cold hands of the last invader

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