Friday 21 January 2022

Duel on the high seas


After the last string of defeats the lizardmen have packed up and left for home, leaving the amazons in charge of defending the Amaxon delta. The scrappy girls then take to the seas to stop the invaders before they even set foot on Lustria
A band of witch hunters has come to the new World intent on plundering the sacred temples, and battle opens with a broadside from their ship that passes over the amazons
Then te Lustry Girls close in
And shower the fanatical humans with a rain of lead
That ravages their gundeck
The fiery women shot arrow after arrow into the foe, helped by the bounty hunter they rescued from the Island of Sacrifices last week

With most of her crew dead the SMS Überrasctung drifts crippled
The bounty hunter boards the striken vessel to finish off the last dregs of her crew
But then a sea serpent emerges from the depts and sinks the ship with a mighty bite of her jaws

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