Saturday 5 November 2016

Battle of Gernuda

 Went to a shop for a 40k game vs Imperial Fists and look what was on the wall!
 I brought the painted Horus plus levy and some White Scars to playtest

 The Fists had several tacticals, devastators and centurions plus two devastators and two assault squads in reseve
 I got first turn and rushed forward
 Then the jetbikes got killed by the grav centurions despite being in cover!

 The psyker was as useless as always
 In my second turn Horus appeared and got his back on the centurions, while a unit of vets outflanked
 The fists then deployed most of their reserves

 Things looked bad for the vets
 Blam! one turn of shooting and all the termies are dead
 The psyker finally summoned something
 The remaining vet charged, pinning this squad for several turns
 Horus killed a unit of grav devastators 
  One of my cultist units was killed by the assault squad
 Then the thudd cannon shot and the bloodletters were no more
 The assault squad went on to charge another unit of cultists
 Horus now eyed the Fists captain

 Horus charged and killed all the devastators but not the stubborn captain

 In the next turn an assault squad charged Horus but he killed most of them, smashing the captain to the ground with Worldbreaker to boot

 The remnants of the Fists lined up for a firing squad, reducing the Warmaster to one wound!!
 Since the battle was coming to an end the last cultists moved to my oponent's edge to get linebreaker
 Horus quickly regenerated and charged some more fists, calculating their numbers so he wouldn't kill them all in one phase and so be protected from shooting in the next turn
 This rhino was the closest the Fists came to my edge
The battle ended in turn 6, victory to the 30k marines 9-7

I've come with several conclusions from this battle: the first is that since only Horus does something there is no point in taking more marines over cultists since if the cultists are killed they at least don't give any VP; secondly I was sorelly disappointed with the White Scars, I think that I'll keep them in storage until rules for the Khan come out. Then the psyker proved once mure his uslessness my opponent agreed on that. Last of all, never put units that you want to move inside ruins since the difficult terrain will keep them deadlocked for most of the battle.

A future list would swap the scars by a more vets together with an outflanking support squad, adding an antitank lightning and change the psyker for (even) more cultists. I've found out that 80 is the ideal number for them since 40ish die in each battle.

On a side note check this out, best titans I've seen:

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