Sunday 6 November 2016

Skirmish at Lexington

 The AWI campaign takes us to New England where a small american force must try to contain the lobster swarms under general Howe.

 The americans await, confident behind their entrenchements

 The british move in two wings, avoiding the difficult terrain of the ploughed fields

 The redcoated masses advance purpousefully, intent on bringin King's vengeance upon the rebels

 Just out of musket range the columns deploy in line

 The cavalry goes in first, followed by infantry reinforcements
Minutemen fire doesn't startle the charging dragoons
 The redoubt is abandoned, the militia prefers to deploy in line outside it
 The milita steps back into the forest
 While their compatriots wheel to form a deadly crossfire
 The advance into the village is hampered by the field, with a lone unit advancing unsupported, moving in lines in Lasalle sure is tricky!
 The red line now menaces the whole american deployment
 The advancing regulars recieve a warm welcome from the garrison
 While the cavalry cuts to pieces the continental left
 Wounding general Greene
 The regulars trade shots with the village, unsure if to charge on their own
 The other unit of dragoons moves to the american center, but the woods slow their progress, giving time to the minutemen to get ready

 The brave garrison, not content with taking pot shots at the regulars even charges into them!
 After repulsing the first cavalry charge,  the minutmen turn about face to fire upon closing regulars
 The first line of brits before the village is pushed back
 The cavalry charges again, but is surprisingly repulsed!
 Fresh redcoats now gun down the continentals, while the grenadiers seize the unprotected village, trapping the americans between the fire and the frying pan

 Fired from the front and the rear
 The continentals wisely flee. From that point on the americans had to roll to see if the army was demoralized and left the field
 With only the central militia remaining, the redcoats close the trap, but will it be too late?
 The heroic militiamen repulse again and again the frustrated dragoons
 Too damaged physical and psycologically they would retreat some distance and do nothing for the rest of the battle
 The other militia unit was dangerously close to being taken between two fires

In the 16th and last turn of the battle the american player rolled the morale dice, had to roll 17+ to get a tie and repulse the brits, he naturally rolled a 16 and lost the battle.
A lone unit of militia retreated southwards. Surelly it must have been the heroic minutemen that held the forest against cavalry for the whole battle, those spirits from the baggage train sure helped!
The british conquer the northern colonies, one SP and general Greene retreat to the capital. War still rages around Philadelphia.
Of course the propaganda couldn't wait to hear this!