Saturday 12 November 2016

Blood Bowl: a new era

 Went to a store to try out the new BB, and to introduce a friend to the game, so I helped him to win so he would begin to like the game.
 The best miniature: the squig-ball. All in all the orc team seems to have had more work and better minis than the bland human ones (to the point that their blitzer is identic to a lineman).
 The funny special play cards add a new element of randomness to the game
 The humans got the kick and grabbed the ball with a catcher
 A quick blitz and
 The cage is formed
 The orcs rush to the ball leaving the right open
 The humans take the chance
 With most orcs pinned, a lone blitzer rushes with the ball
 The orcs try to get him, fall and the humans score!

 The orcs recieve the kick off but fail to get the ball
 The humans now get the ball and rush into the opposing zone
 A thrower goes into the TD zone with go for it
But the catcher fails to dodge, ending the game 1-0 with a victory for the Reikland reavers!


  1. Looks good. I am hoping that my wife has picked up on my many, many hints and that under the christmas tree this year I will find a brand spanking new copy :)

  2. Lucky you! I'll only get some turkish cavalry to begin next year's project...