Sunday 13 November 2016

Battle of Merion Meeting

 The AWI campaign still rages around Philadelphia, with the british again facing more than double their numbers. The americans got 13 battalions of reserves!
 The redcoats under George III defend Merion Meeting while the rebels come out from the capital through the village of Thomas
 In columns to move faster

 The first clash is on the british left, with the dragoons charging helpless continentals
 The King is injuried in the fight
 But his men carry the day!
 On the right the americans have gotten into a true hornet's nest 

 The dragoons dismount to face a square while their comrades wheel

 The continentals form a kind of ordre mixte, anticipating their colleagues from the Napoleonic Wars by several decades

 The continental marksmen form in line only to be double charged!

 The sharpshooters rout
 The (dis)mounted militia survives miraculously repeated volleys, but such situation can't last
 The dragoons keep on charging
 While the cavalry turns the flank, the hessians move in to plug the gap
 At long last the militia routs

 The dragoons are repulsed and now in bad shape
 My father decided to put "The Patriot" on screen, truly the film that stated it all (and the minis gifted by Oriol of course)
The battle comes to and end with 4 american batallions dead for no british loss. However the redcoats haven't killed enough of them (7 at least) and retreat back to the Ohio valley. With several battles like this the revolution'll be over soon!
In fact since I can't conquer the american capital, I can only achieve victory by keeping New England and the Southern Colonies till the end of the war, thus sandwitching the movement.
 The british retreat from the Middle Atlantic and the americans lose three SP (one of the 4 lost was free militia spawned by the territory)
Of course the press centered on the important events of the battle

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