Saturday 26 November 2016

War on Murder

 Amongst the most famous battles of the late Crusade is the War on Murder, where Horus Lupercal and his brother Sanguinius brought the Emperor's light to the xenos species known as megarachnids. The remembrancers were delighted in capturing the two brothers fighting side by side as an ideal of Unification on numerous works of art, an irony looking upon what was to come.
What is not so well known is that the campaign began badly with a force of Blood Angels exterminated on the planet, and another of Emperor's Children suffering almost the same fate; a warning about the dangers of hubris and overcomfidence, sins that could fell even an astartes.
 Megarachnids (tyranids) ahoy!
 Horus and termies drop and kill a tyranid beast
 Massive clash between hormagaunts and culstists, the later would eventually die, but not before tarpiting the gaunts for several turns

 Swarmlord and stealers charging Horus & retinue

 A swarm of mantifexs choose a bad place to emerge, next to my contemptor!

 The termis died eventually, leaving the Warmaster on his own
 The vets appeared and anihilated a unit of warriors in two turns of shooting

 The nid numbers began to tell and Horus recieved four injuries
 With the help of some cultists he killed the swarmlord and finished off the stealers

 Coming to the brink of death tho
 The contemptor killed and routed the mantifexses after two turns of doing nothing
 Almost died! As always...
With that the battle came to an end, I won 6-3. If the tyranid player just had another unit he could have captured all objectives and won with at least 7 points.

I'm a bit tired of playing with Horus, I've recently got Fulgrim and would like to play with him next month. After two games I can say that if I was a tyranid player I would put only stealers as troops with exocrines for shooting and the flying monster with the haywire missiles for antintank, swarmlord for HQ. Flying circus is all good and well but has no secured objective.


  1. Merci, je devais jouer contre les invencibles Tau, mais heureusement ont été des tyranids enfin!