Friday 4 December 2015

Battle of the Hemlock river

This is the beginning

This epic 40k campaign will cover the fight in Armageddon secundus during the Third War for Armageddon with four armies per side and victory to the one that controls more hive cities at the end of the 20th turn.

Epic campaign rules:

4 army markers per side, points value as agreed. Each army will have a roster to keep track of damage and experience
Historical deployment as shown above, the orks have the first turn.

Each army moves one territory per turn.
The red mountain terrain is impassable.
For the territories use the hive world chart, if the attacker has come across a river the defender can place one along his deployment zone border with at least one bridge
For the grey territories a volcanic board could be alternatively used 
Each player moves his markers in his turn if he invades a territory occupied an enemy there is a battle.
After moving over a factory or a hive city you control it, placing a marker belonging to your faction on it, there are five hive cities: Tartarus and Helsreach in the south, Infernus and Acheron in the middle and Hades in the north. The other structures are factories.

After a battle you can regenerate one non war engine unit or repair a damage form a war engine for each build point; factories give one point while hive cities the double.
Pincer attacks by two or more armies can be conducted, the defender'll have to play two sucessive battles, not being able to rebuild after the first one
The experience rules provided in the firepower magazine are actively encouraged
If the attacker wins, he occupies the territory and the defender must move to an adjacent territory which isn't controled by the enemy, if the defender can't retreat he is destoyed! any other outcome results in the attacker retreating to the territory from which he launched the attack.

Hive cities: when attacking a defender garrisoning a hive he can place a line of fortress walls sections and a single gate section along his deployment zone border. Wall section: 30cmt long, damage 12, armour 6+, cover save 4+, all units save war engines can be on a wall, units can climb or descend from the wall taking one whole turn to do it. Gate: uses all the rules of the wall section including a single gate in the middle which has 6 damage, 6+ armour and can be either  opened or closed by the defender in his movement phase; the gate should be at least 6cmt wide. 
I don't own this map, it belongs to GW's game battle for Armageddon

 Ork first turn: an army attack the Legio Metalica
 We rolled campal battle each side placed 5 objectives, and just the battlewagons began on the table:

 In the orks second turn most of their forces arrived

 The first imperials showed up and seized the objectives

 More forces joined the battle but with each holding the objectives none moved much and the battle was reduced to some battlewagons sniped by vortex and energy weapons

And that was it, a tie and a disapointing scenario, next time we'll make our own!
Since the orks didn't won they retreated

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