Saturday 5 December 2015

Emperor's children vs 40k ultras

 Went to a store for a 40k game with a guy I'd meeted recently: his 40k ultrasmurfs vs my emperor's children. Fluffwise perhaps the heresy marinesfound some of the misterious II or XI legions?
 We got the diagonal deployment and one objective each, mine was in the left building his was in a bulding at the other end of the table
My list was two tacticals, two termies, one mortar rapier, serpenta mortitat, termi centurion, mortis dread and of course Fulgrim

 The ultramarines advanced agressively while the emperor's children did the same

 His assault marines charged but my +2 to resolution rule (given by Fulgrim) pushed them back
 Having a highly mobile army the smurfs where soon all over my deployment zone

 Fulgrim showed up next to the assault marines

 most of the marines in this building were killed by the bikes and speeders
 the mortis dreadnought wrecked a speeder

 My sergeant won unexpectedly this duel agains a powerfist one
 The assault marines pushed back again

 more and more units moving towards my objective

 last survivor!

 Winning the combat again thanks to Fulgrim's boons
 A dreadnought was killed by the quad mortar
 scout slaughter
 The termies decided the combat on the center

 The end of the brave tactical squad in the center
 at this point things began to look grim for the children with units closing in on their objective and no unit of the III legion close to the oponent's. Then I realized that I should have moved Fulgrim towards the enemy objective but by then was too late

 Fulgrim suffered some wounds from the bikes

 The mortitat blew a rhino but its contents exited unscatched
 Fulgrim charging the bikes
 Slicing their sergeant
 The situation was trully desperate when I had to charge a speeder with my centurion

 The termies closed on the objective but were killed by plasma, If Fulgrim moved in that direction and the termies secured my objective things could have been different
 The mortis killed another speeder but there were too many 
 I killed his warlord tough

And that was it I lost after having my objective secured by a lone scout

I need some mobility, perhaps a stormeagle?

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