Friday 11 December 2015

Slaughter at Helsreach Bay

 The war for Armageddon grounds on, the legio Metalica moves south to seize the production resources of a nearby factory while Grimaldus leds his forces out of Helsreach to face the orks on the open ash wastes
 The ork armies remain idle while the legio seizes another factory and the balck templars move east
 The blood axes warband moves to confront the templars
 Who hold their ground while the legio moves west
As the blood axes move onto the templar positions battle ensues
 A homebrew scenario: the armies deploy 60cmt far from each other and whoever has killed more points at the end of the battle is the winner, half strength detachments give half the points
 The orks got the first turn and marched towards the imperial line
 Cofee makers onwards!
 The fightas made a bombing run stripping some shields
 The templars and Grimaldus dropped behind the gargants

 And even killed one with their flimsy bolters. That's why 3rd ed Epic is cool you can kill anything with anyone unlike 40k where you need limitless D strength spam to blow a stompa
 The battlewagons paid the price of their recklesness

 After charging a warlord just one battlewagon remain

 Just two to go now
 Grimaldus was killed by the gargant's gaze of Mork

  The imperator killed another great gargant with the anihilator gun, the battlewagon was also erradicated by one warlord's weapons battery
The last gargant was felled by a melta cannon in the 5th turn 
My father decided that we shouldn't recover killed troops with build points so his army was utterly anihilated (hence Grimaldus was also killed for good)

With one army less the future looks bleak for the orks

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