Saturday 5 December 2015

Zone mortalis game: aboard the red tear

 This afternoon one of my friends came over to play his first game of 40k 7th edition and what a better way to begin than a 500pts zone mortalis game using the Betrayal at Calth board?
 He brought two squads of harlequins with several characthers. Since ZM requieres a CG and the harlequins have none we decided to make his warlord a count as CG instead
 I defended the Read Tear spaceship with two squads of termies plus a delegatus consul, quite spacehulky! Since there are no rules for the Blood Angels yet I used the special rule stubborn as a legion trait
 His reserves would came in from my deployment zone's edge thanks to an stratagem
 My reserves: a squad of termies and the suicide bomb stratagem (the servitor in the back)
 Our objective were two control panels of the ship's drives, if both were destroyed at the end of the 6th turn the Blood Angels would lose as their ship had been either inmobilized or blown up!

 The harequins got first turn and danced forwards, their death jester fell to my combibolters soon enough however
 The harlequins charged me ignoring the objectives

 Several fell to reaction fire
 And the rest were quickly despatched in hand to hand for the loss of a single termi
 In my turn I killed another of his characthers with bolter fire, very effective against squishy eldars!
 Both our reserves had by then came in
 And quickly got to grips with each other
 I lost the combat but held thanks to stubborn

 The suicide servitor tried to kill a harlequin, with disappointing results
 His warlord faced off against half my force, a grim prospect
 Holding on into the combat with snake eyes

 The lone harlequin finally succumbed to numbers

 The last eldar retreated in front of the bolter fire wall
 He managed to throw a psychic power which needed two 4+ with a remarkable roll
But my termies shrugged it off and came in for the kill, finishing him off with their combibolters

So 2/2 objectives saved and wipe out, flawless vitory!

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