Tuesday 9 April 2024

Landing at Point Rain


After beating the separatists in space the clones invade Geonosis, coming under a heavy barrage that forces them to make an emergency landing. It is one of these groups, led by Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, that faces the massed ranks of the droid army in desperate battle
The jedi seize the initiative
And send the BARC speeder forwards to open fire on the AAT and Ventress
While on the left the clones concentrate fire on count Dooku
Kenobi races to meet the renegade jedi master

And both start a tense duel in the middle of the battlefield
Battle progresses, and more droids show up on the Republic rear
The GAR is not without reinforcements of their own, ARC troopers flying into the fray and totaling a B1 battledroid squad
Only to be wiped out by Ventress on the next activation
Just Echo left to keep on with the fight
Another wave of clankers comes into view
Engaging in a lively firefight with clones in cover
Battle rages over the desert with losses in both sides
But in the end is the Republic who claims victory at the end of turn 4, two objectives to one

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