Tuesday 30 April 2024

Imperial artillery


As the seat of the school of engineers, Altdorf produces the most advanced guns in all of the Empire. While Nuln may be known for its mass produced artillery pieces, any reiklander knows that the cannons from the capital are the most precise and reliable in the land. It is thanks to this that the city is always well equipped with artillery, and when its armies mach to war they do so heralded by the thundering boom of their heavy guns.
The models themselves are the old battlemasters imperial cannons with some extra crew from 6th edition and Gamezone (the engineer with telescope)
I painted the cannon in vallejo hull red and gunmetal plus gehenna gold, all inked up with washes
The uniforms for the crew are my usual recipe, with feather colours to distinguish the two teams. I like the white shirts more for the gunners, so I think that the ones from the mortar will get a repaint

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